Vision Quest Orlando

Clarity, guidance, purpose, and power. Has a new way of being been waiting to emerge?

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You can already feel something greater calling you.

The very energies of Life Itself are dancing within you in this very moment, waiting for you to connect, listen, let go, and evolve.

Discover your reason for being here. Gain clarity on the path forward. Become the next highest version of you that's been waiting and wanting to emerge.

At Vision Quest Orlando, you'll learn to let go of everything that's been preventing you from simply being Life Itself and creating a joyful, magic-filled life.

Experience the advanced states of consciousness once considered the domain of only monks, shamans, yogis and mystics. Considered rare in the past, learn how to access states of super intuition, super healing, super resilience, longevity, and more, and make them a part of your normal daily life.

January 2 - 5, 2019

Read This Now For Important Details About This Program

The first Vision Quest of 2019 is right around the corner and right after the New Year! 

This program will combine a set of powerful purification processes that lead you into an expanded state of freedom and bliss with traditional Vision Quest elements for clarity, guidance, purpose, and power. You'll perform these processes surrounded by nature in the area's state parks.

This VQ will be gentler than later ones, meaning: you won't be spending the nights alone in the wild! Our base of operations is the hotel pictured above and below, so you'll have a nice, comfy bed to come back to after each day of Questing. 

Throughout the VQ, you'll be learning a transformative process of conscious "not doing." When your mind learns to enter a certain state of stillness through this practice, your creativity and intelligence explode.

Very few spots are available.

The program begins at 7am on January 2nd and ends at 7pm on January 5th.

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This is a small, intimate event. Because of this, spaces are very limited and going fast.


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