The Mind Prana Apprenticeship

A path for encountering Destiny, Divinity, and
Your Highest Self

The apprenticeship program at Mind Prana is designed to take your spiritual evolution to the next level. By applying ancient shamanic science to modern contexts, you will learn tools and solutions for joyfully navigating life in all dimensions of consciousness and being.

Walk With Me


The apprenticeship program is a journey offline and a chance for our souls to meet in this world. There are a variety of experiences included and available to you, as detailed below, plus you're invited to walk with me as I continue to explore the Mysteries of this world.

Join me on non-public pilgrimages, Medicine Quests, or come to live events. Plus get personalized guidance, training, and mentorship as you continue on your Quest for Power.

Experience Real World Spirituality

Become Limitless

If you're new to the advanced programs at Mind Prana, the first three months of your apprenticeship will be focused on the Limitless program.

Limitless is a 12-week awakening experience designed to transform every aspect of your life. You'll learn to connect to your Soul's vision and purpose for your existence, how to finally get out of fear, and how to start living from a place of alignment, intuition, and magic.

By the end of the first 12-weeks, you will know what it means to be a Cosmic Being creating a human experience in this dimension.

Mystery School

Mystery School is where spiritual seekers become spiritual masters. In this 12-week training, you will learn to work in various mystical states of consciousness. Your whole life up until now has almost entirely happened in your mind. But when you step outside of your mind, the impossible becomes possible.

Learn the real secrets of the 6th sense, astral travel, manifestation, and true energy healing.


Sojourns, or Medicine Quests, are in-person journeys for seeking Power. In many ways, the seeking of Power is the essence of the apprentice's path. During these sacred journeys, you will venture outside of reality as you know it and come into contact with the Soul of the World.

The Soul of the World will guide you to the Ley lines, Power Spots, Vortices, and Experiences needed for acquiring Wisdom, Power, and the Evolvement of your Being.

Sojourns often call in (and reveal) powerful Animal Medicine and Allies, while helping the apprentice complete Karmic patterns that have been holding them back.

Solar and Lunar Alignment

Through the celebration and participation in "Wheel of the Year" ceremonies, the apprentice will seek to align themselves with natural Cosmic Cycles. By becoming one with the Flow of the World, exponential increases in Power are achieved.

Part of the apprenticeship program may include involvement in, hosting of, or leading of solar or lunar programs. This type of training teaches the apprentice to be a conduit and bringer of divine frequencies into this dimension. It also initiates the apprentice into the way of the shaman, medicine person, teacher, or high priest(ess).

Vision Quests

VIsion Quests are periods of extended solitude, silence, and sometimes fasting in which the apprentice leaves the world behind to get clarity on their path and purpose. 

These can be energetically intense experiences as the Soul of the World strips away layers of mind in order to reveal truths that were previously transparent. Vision Quests typically run 1 to 3 days.

Mystery School LIVE

Public tuition to Mystery School LIVE is $2000 + a $297 materials fee. As part of the apprenticeship program, you get a full tuition waiver to the live event (you just pay the materials fee.)

Apprentices are encouraged to attend any and all live events they can, and to make that easier, tuition will always be waived.

(There may or may not be a materials fee depending on the event.)

Soul Talks and Personal Responsibility

Included in the Apprenticeship program are monthly Soul Talk sessions with Chris (plus ongoing email, chat, and support in our private community). The Soul Talk sessions  are for getting your life on track, figuring out your next move, or getting personal support, guidance, and training in learning what you need to learn. Sessions typically run an hour.

The apprentice needs to take personal responsibility for their evolvement and ask for help. It is your job to seek me out and share where you're at, what you're struggling with, and where you want to go or what you want to learn.

During these sessions, things may be revealed to help you move forward in this dimension, or to help you in other dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Apprenticeship program officially runs for a year and a day. Various start dates are available.

Enrollment is by application only. If you are interested in applying, or want to know if the program is a good fit for you, please contact Chris.

This program also requires an active Mystery School membership. If you're new to Mystery School, the first 6-months of your membership are included when you join.

While there are many events and experiences offered during the Apprenticeship program, none are required. If something doesn't resonate with you, or if you can't make it work with your schedule, that's fine.

Participate in whatever events are aligned for you.

27 Oct: We'll be kicking off the Wheel of the Year training with a  Samhain ceremony. This event is free to apprentices and will take place outside of Chicago.

early January: we'll have our first Vision Quest or meditation retreat in the US (2-3 days, somewhere warm)

mid March: Spring Equinox ceremony and possible Medicine Quest in the Ohio area

early May: Mystery School LIVE in Tulum, Mexico (7 days). Come to this if nothing else!

June/July: Medicine Quest, Black Hills, South Dakota, 3-6 days

Additional Sojourns, Vision Quests, and Wheel of the Year ceremonies as needed.

If you're interested in joining the Apprenticeship program, please contact:

[email protected]

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