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Every year, MILLIONS of crystal workers just like you buy new stones eager to experience the benefits promised by those stones, but no matter how many crystals they buy, it's never enough, and stone after stone fails to deliver the abundant life.


The simple truth is, despite all the cleansing and charging, they fail because they've never been taught how to harness the power inside a crystal and use it to bring about the kind of transformation that affects their life and the world around them at a REAL level.

As you're about to discover, you've been misled: 99% of what's being taught in the crystal healing industry simply doesn't work. You probably already know this true. If the old approaches to using crystals actually worked, all crystal healers would be living wildly abundant lives. The more crystals, the more abundance! Unfortunately, this simply isn't the case.

This is the first thing to get: Unless using a crystal brings about a lasting change in the way you think, feel, and act in life, it's not doing you any good. If you're not experiencing an inner transformation from working with a crystal, you won't experience an outer transformation (like increased health, wealth, or happiness.) This is why so many people who work with crystals never experience the abundance they desire.

The good news is, it's not your fault. Even in traditional crystal healing courses, most people are never taught how to use crystals to bring about an inner transformation, neither for themselves nor for their clients. Think about it: how many people are told to buy citrine and even use it to balance a chakra, yet they're still unable to create a new experience of life and abundance? The traditional approaches don't work.

A part of you has always known that crystals can be powerful tools for creating spiritual and financial abundance in your life, and since you've already begun to realize that you need to improve the way you work with crystals, then you're going to LOVE the training you get inside Spirit Tribe (previously called The Crystal Journey), and especially the immediate results you start to see in every area of life.

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The Azumar Class

Traditional crystal healing programs may not have been updated in YEARS, but in Spirit Tribe, you get free access to EVERY new crystal healing program and class we produce. We are always discovering new crystals with powerful new messages that can immediately improve your life and the lives of those you work with. 

There are new classes (or courses!) added throughout the year, plus ongoing Q&A sessions, and they're all FREE with membership. Check out our recent exploration of the powerful stone called Azumar.



Get over $4,000 in certification programs INCLUDED in your membership!

Nobody wants to invest $2,000 in a Certified Crystal Healer Diploma, only to find out months later, they want a more in-depth program that costs another $2,000!

Get all of your certification needs, all in one place, as part of your membership in Spirit Tribe.

You're welcome to take our Level 1 Certified Crystal Healer program and be changing lives in as little as 5 weeks. Or stay for our Level 2 Advanced Crystal Healer program, or even our Shamanic Crystal Healer Master Program. No additional tuition. No additional fees. YOU choose your path.

Read What A Reiki Master Had To Say About Her Experience In The Crystal Journey:

"Reiki opened the door to me being in tune with the Universe. In Reiki, we use symbols to connect to the energies. In your healing course, we are already that energy. We learn that "we are that," and therefore, do not need the symbols. Healing in your course is on a much deeper level, more of a permanent healing. In Reiki, it can take more that one session to attain what we do in one session of your style... and it is permanent."

Monica Florez

Reiki Master

Why Pay $2,000 For Just One Course When You Can Take EVERY Course You Want For Much Less?

Traditional Programs

  • Certified Crystal Healer: $2,000
    (or $197/mo for an entire year)
  • Crystal Grids Course: $297
    (or $111/mo for three months)
  • Master Crystal Healer: $2,000
    (or $197/mo for an entire year)
  • Spiritual Business and Marketing: $2,000
    (or $197/mo for an entire year)
  • Crystal Reiki: $497
    (or $111/mo for five months)


Spirit Tribe

  • Certified Crystal Healer: FREE
    (with membership)
  • Crystal Grids Course: FREE

  • Master Crystal Healer: FREE

  • Spiritual Business and Marketing: FREE

  • Crystal Energy Worker: FREE


It's Easy To See That Spirit Tribe Has Everything You've Been Looking For, Is It Not?

Here's What You're About To Get

  • CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALER - In less than 5 weeks, you'll be making a difference in people's lives. This is the program that has allowed healers from traditional programs to "finally get it." You'll become gently confident and powerfully compassionate while you deliver effortless, life-changing healings to the people in your life.
  • SHAMANIC STONEWORK - Develop new skills and shamanic abilities every month as you work with some of the world's most powerful healing crystals. You'll journey deep into shamanic and energetic healing techniques in order to learn how to create lasting change in your life and the lives of others. Explore the 6th sense, Ley lines, Astral travel, shamanic healing techniques, the Akashic Records, Journeying, and more in Mind Prana's premiere series on advanced crystal work.
  • ADVANCED CRYSTAL HEALER - A lot can change in one healing session, but you already know that awakening someone to their full potential takes time. Learn how to work with your clients at a deeper level over a period of weeks (or months) so that you can make a bigger difference and deliver bigger results, all while earning what you know you're worth.
  • TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE - Become the author of your own life in this seven week journey through the chakras. Get the tools and the step-by-step guidance you need to take conscious control of the story you tell. Health, wealth, and happiness are waiting for you... it's time to CREATE. The journey of personal transformation you make with crystals in this training will empower the results you deliver in the Advanced Crystal Healer program.
  • MASTERING CRYSTALS - The epic follow-up to Understand Crystals, this is the course that even certified crystal healers are calling "unlike anything else out there." Learn how to master crystal energies and use them to affect reality.
  • SHAMANIC CRYSTAL HEALER MASTER PROGRAM - One of the most powerful healings Chris has ever given lasted about 3 seconds. No crystals were involved, no movements, no layouts, just work on a different level of consciousness. After 3 seconds, the client (also a healer) gasped and asked, "What did you just do to me? I've probably given over a thousand healings in my life, and I've NEVER experienced anything like that. You just FIXED everything!" In the Master Program, you'll come to understand what Chris means when he says, "Healing isn't something you do. It's something you ARE." Please note: some of the Master-level training may require hands-on training at a live event.
  • CRYSTAL GRIDS FOR HEALING, AWAKENING, AND ABUNDANCE - Learn how to build powerful crystal grids for yourself and for your clients. The program also includes 4 powerful grid workshops with Chris in which you experience and explore emotional healing, physical healing, higher levels of awakening, and new realms of abundance.
  • SPIRITUALLY AUTHENTIC MARKETING - In this bootcamp, you'll learn everything you need to know to attract a constant stream of perfect, soul-mate clients who are eager to work with you and love what you do. AND you'll learn how to do this without spending ANY money on paid advertising, funnels, or even a website!
  • ONGOING CRYSTAL CLASSES - Join us for our advanced classes in healing and working with stones. Discover new finds and learn exercises for truly unlocking the wisdom and power contained within our crystal allies!
  • A PRIVATE COMMUNITY - Graduate from the noise of countless Facebook groups and discover what our members are calling "a breath of fresh air". At any price, from personal experience, I can tell you that a PAID community is 10x more engaging and 10x more valuable than a free one. #YouKnowItsTrue
  • ONGOING Q&A LIVE - Join our ongoing Q&A Livestreams where you'll get to ask questions about the latest class or anything else! Questions can be asked live OR in advance! And if you miss any of the LIVE trainings, they'll be added to your library to be enjoyed whenever you want.

Here's What You Can Expect During Your First Week:

""This was one of the most powerful things I have done and beautiful in its simplicity. During the first week, I realized that I had not felt 'worthy' of receiving love, success, money, etc, and this had been causing a contracted feeling in my body for many years. As I did the exercises, they brought up tears and all kinds of feelings of rejection, and then they transformed into feeling so much worthiness, love, and success! I feel totally transformed! Thank you so much!!!"

Jane B.

Bodywork Trainer

You get to work at your own pace!

Traditional programs charge ahead at a fixed pace regardless of your needs or schedule. But in Spirit Tribe, you can never get behind.

When you join, you'll have immediate access to our Foundation Training which consists of:

  • The Mastering Crystals Course
  • Shamanic Stonework with Smoky Quartz
  • Shamanic Stonework with Stonehenge Bluestone
  • Shamanic Stonework with Lilac Lepidolite
  • PLUS some surprise bonuses!

You'll explore over 50 new exercises, healing techniques, and powerful meditations, all designed to bring out your Inner Light and awaken the Healer Within.

The Foundation Training is part of the Level 1 Certified Crystal Healer program. Once it's finished, you can complete the Level 1 Certification and begin working on the next program of your choice.

I could tell you Spirit Tribe will open up a world of spiritual and financial abundance for you, but I won't, I'll let you discover it for yourself.


The Abundance Amplifier is a premium course ($497 value) designed to launch you into a new experience of health, wealth, and happiness in just 30 days.

Within days of starting the program, members have gotten promotions, raises, and new homes. In the first week, some people get massive clarity around their life purpose, and others discover a profound sense of peace and happiness that they haven't known since childhood.

The complete training is available separately, or complimentary with enrollment.

You can try a traditional crystal healing program, buy why?


You'll save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars when you join Spirit Tribe!

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Which path is right for you? Become a monthly member or a lifetime member. Either way, you're about to truly understand what's possible with crystals.


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