Understand Crystals

Learn everything you need to know to get started with stones! Join Chris von der Mehden, the director of the Crystal Healing Institute at Mind Prana Academy for an in-depth exploration and explanation of the amazing world of crystal energies.

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Learn How To Work With Crystals!

Understand Crystals is a complete guide to getting started with crystal healing. This 4-day online course is available to you for FREE from Mind Prana Academy. When you register, you get lifetime access to the training, so you can take it at your own pace. Topics to be covered include:

  • What is crystal energy?
  • How and why crystals work
  • How and why to cleanse your crystals
  • Simple exercises for learning how to FEEL crystal energy
  • How to meditate with stones
  • Which stones to buy (and where!)
  • Using crystals in your daily life
  • AND... a whole lot more!
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"This was like a breath of fresh air, everything I wanted and needed to know all in one place (instead of culling here and there from so many different websites or FB groups). The way you explained why crystals needed to be cleansed really made sense. Plus... I really like your teaching style! Thank you!"

Susan K.
Shamanic Crystal Healer

Get the complete course for FREE

When you register, you get lifetime access to the complete course, so you can take it at a pace that works for YOU.