Experience the Full Power of Healing Crystals in Every Area of Your Life

Welcome to Shamanic Stonework

We're excited to invite you to be a part of this 12-month experience!

Each month, we'll send you a high-vibration healing crystal from Heaven & Earth Jewelry that will take you on a journey of healing, awakening, and co-creating with the Divine.

With each stone, you get lifetime access to a Shamanic Stonework Masterclass by Chris von der Mehden, the founder of Mind Prana Academy. Each Masterclass is experiential and tailored to the stones you receive.

What is Shamanic Stonework?

Here's a sneak-peek inside Chapter 6: Mystic Merlinite. This video talks about the journey you go on during the program.

Each month has many lessons to be experienced and explored. Get more details on some of the classes below.


"I am a Reiki Master Teacher, student of Shamanism, and Certified Crystal Healer. I was very excited to begin this new deeper study of Crystal Healing in the Shamanic Stonework series. What Chris has done in this course is just incredible. He has taken on and succeeded in unlocking deep levels of crystal energies and provided a way in or “how to" that others can follow. Shamanic Stonework is like a journey of discovery into the self though the power and mystery of crystals. Highly recommended."

Jerry P.
Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master

The Masterclass Experience

Learn how to use some of the world's premiere healing crystals! Each month, you will experience and explore the many lessons contained within a new crystal and use it to bring healing and transformation into every area of your life.


Activate your 6th Sense, and experience crystal energy in a tangible way using shamanic healing and sensory techniques. Our simple, hands-on exercises show you how easy it is to experience the energy of stones.


You are a healer. As you learn the shamanic way of stonework, you will overcome patterns of behavior that lead you away from your true nature. You will awaken into a more confident, more loving, and more joyful expression of the Self.


Gain an in-depth knowledge of the shamanic healing process, crystal energies, and how to heal yourself and heal others. Additionally, learn to experience Ley line energies, read the Akashic records, go on powerful Shamanic journeys, and much more.

"Receiving my stones in the mail works so great for me! It makes my day, week, and month. The first moments with the crystals are amazing. It's just me and the stone, no preconceived notions, and the freedom for me to explore the energies before my lessons. The program has helped me immensely to tap into my inner knowledge and learn to trust my experiences! The classes are helping me to explore my multi-dimensionality, my self mastery, and to reclaim ancient lost knowledge."

Lizzette M.
Crystal Healer

It's time to unleash the healer within!

The Smoky Quartz Masterclass

This class is your introduction to Shamanic Stonework, and included in the Month 1 training. Topics covered include:

  • Supercharging your grounding abilities
  • Returning to a childlike state of freedom
  • Unlocking your skills as a healer
  • Deepening your connection to crystal energies

The Stonehenge Bluestone Masterclass

Continuing the introduction to Shamanic Stonework, topics in this masterclass include:

  • Letting go of personal identity and expanding your consciousness
  • Understanding and accessing the Akashic Records
  • Connecting to Ley lines and other Earth energies
  • Oneness with the "Gaia mind"

Month 1: The Lilac Lepidolite Masterclass

The third (and main) class in Month 1 focuses on Lilac Lepidolite.

  • Experience soul-level healing and purification
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Astral body and how to work with it
  • Learn how to leave realities you don't prefer and enter ones that you do
  • Raise your vibration into a state of divine presence and blessing energy

Month 2: The Vortexite Masterclass

If month 1 was about letting go, this month is about becoming powerful.

  • Balance and align the chakra column
  • Learn the Mind Prana Method of meditating with crystals that draws in massive amounts of spiritual energy
  • Rejuvenate the body while connecting to Power Spots around the world
  • Turn your own body into a power spot capable of extraordinary feats

Month 3: The Gaspeite Masterclass

Gaspeite is a somewhat rare and extremely remarkable stone. It teaches:

  • Radical health - finally let go of old addictions and habits to experience your natural state of health, vitality, and wellness
  • Spiritual Awakening - connect to and experience your existence as an energetic being
  • The Siddhis - begin the activation of various "superpowers" that many would view as miraculous
  • Subtle food - learn how to nourish your energetic bodies so that you can fluorish in higher realms


Shamanic Stonework Volume 1 (the classes described above) is known as Awakening. It deals with letting go and stepping into a new experience of reality.

Shamanic Stonework Volume 2 (months 4-6) is called Journeying Deep. It deals with manifestation, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and out of body experiences.

Shamanic Stonework Volume 3 (months 7-9) is called The Planes of Light. It deals with the higher planes, angelic realms, divine states of consciousness, and mystical union.

Shamanic Stonework Volume 4 (months 10-12) is called A New Earth. It deals with Lightwork, personal and planetary healing, and living the life of your dreams.

"I have felt a healing, a continued healing, and a learning and remembering at the same time. I am so grateful you have provided this wealth of knowledge! I'm never running out of things to try and explore with the crystals. My experiences in this program have been eye-opening to discoveries and things I never knew about, and things that I never imagined I could do. I could keep going on and on sharing the experiences! Thank you again!"

Stef T.
Shamanic Crystal Healer

Amazing Bonuses!

When you join Shamanic Stonework, you get immediate access to the following programs from Mind Prana Academy...

Shamanic Crystal Healer

Before you can heal others, you need to heal your self. This is a 10-week journey of taking back your life, understanding crystals, and learning to master their energies.

This is a complete immersion into the world of crystals, and you get if for FREE when you join Shamanic Stonework.

Learn More

Zero to Zen

This meditation training is frequently described as "life changing" and "truly transformational." The 6-week program distills, simplifies, and integrates many shamanic and spiritual self-healing practices.

This program begins with the Power of Gratitude.

Learn More

Private Community Access

This private community includes monthly classes with Chris, plus access to a whole community of healers. Be surrounded by a network of teachers, learners, and healers to support you on your journey.

Give and receive healings, and get real-time feedback from other practitioners.

Learn More


Shamanic Stonework is only open a few times each year. When you join, you get:

  • New crystals delievered to your door every month for a year!
  • Lifetime access from any device (so you can take the program at your own pace)
  • 30-day money back guarantee (so you can see if it's right for you)
  • Shamanic Crystal Healer Personal Mastery Program to deepen your connection to crystals and start living life with ease ($1497 value)
  • Zero to Zen - a 6-week course in personal healing and transformational meditation ($997 value)
  • Private Facebook communty with Chris and other shamanic practitioners and crystal lovers to support you on your journey (priceless!)

Ready to begin?

Tuition for Shamanic Stonework is usually $997 for the year (or $97/mo). HOWEVER, this program is no longer offered as a standalone training. Instead, you now get access to the complete course for FREE (plus THOUSANDS of dollars in additional training) when you become a member of the Conscious Creators Alliance.

Want to find out more about the Conscious Creators Alliance, and how you can even get PAID to become a Certified Crystal Healer? Click the button below.

Note: All crystals you receive come from Heaven & Earth Jewelry. The photos used above are copyright Heaven and Earth LLC and used with permission. The name "Vortexite" is a trademark of Heaven and Earth LLC. The crystals you receive each month are valued between $25 - $30 each. Crystals generally range from 25-40 mm in size.