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You've always been drawn to crystals and stones, but you KNOW there is so much more they have to offer!

Are you ready to fully understand the crystal healing process and learn how to deeply connect to the energy of stones to bring about your own personal transformation? Learn how to enhance every area of your life from health to wealth to happiness using crystals.

Do you want more clarity in your life and a deeper spiritual connection? Learn powerful shamanic healing techniques that will aid you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you want to develop your spiritual gifts and be of service to those around you? Learn how to blast through any and all blocks holding you back from aligning with your soul's purpose and living your highest calling.

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The Shamanic Crystal Healer Personal Mastery Program

Good for ALL levels

We have people BRAND NEW to crystals, as well as CERTIFIED crystal healers going through this program. The shamanic training is designed to meet you at whatever level you're at and take you on a PERSONAL journey of transformation.

Step-by-step guidance

Get video training and online support from Chris von der Mehden, the director of the Crystal Healing Institute. Chris guides you step-by-step into mastering crystal energies, answering all your questions along the way.

Get LIFETIME access

Take this training at YOUR pace. You can never get behind because you have access for life. Take your time and go DEEP into the lessons of healing, awakening, transformation, and peace.

What You Will Learn

This program is designed to bring about transformation in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Learn to heal the self: Experience a new world of health, wellness, passion, vitality, and power. Enter the awareness of your highest self and live life with mastery and purpose.
  • Awaken the 6th Sense: Deepen your connection to energies, feel them, see energetic patterns and begin to experience the underlying reality behind all things. Experience ecstatic states of consiousness in your meditations with stones, and step into a new experience of life.
  • Master the healing process: Start with the basics, but go beyond them. Learn how to create lasting change and transformation in your life. Don't just balance chakras, address the REAL issues that are generating unbalance and dis-ease in your life and finally experience health, wealth, balance, and peace of mind.

What You Will Get When You Join

  • Shamanic Crystal Healer Personal Mastery Program ($1497 value)
  • Private Shamanic Healing Community - get lifetime access to an amazing tribe of healers (priceless!)
  • The Five Elements Healing Process: Attunement and training ($197 value)
  • PLUS many more surprise bonuses throughout the course!

Personal Mastery Program Course Outline:


Module 1: Take Back Your Life

Start off on a 7-week journey through the chakras! In this module, we'll be exploring and integrating Seven Shamanic Principles for Living that will free you from your past and launch you into creating a life of your own design. During this training you'll reclaim your health, your passion, and your power, and finally start living the life you've always wanted.

Learn how to use crystals on a daily basis to get MORE time in your day, and experience the EASE that comes from aligning with your soul. Each Shamanic Principle has an accompanying stone that embodies its message and will help you discover and align with Who You Really Are.

($497 value)

Module 2: Crystal Cosmology

Hear a scientist and engineer explain everything you want to know about crystals, energies, other dimensions, and healing. Become confident in your knowledge, learn how to talk about energy and easily handle skepticism. Learn why there is so much conflicting information out there and how to make all of it easily make sense.

This is the simple, straightforward explanation of the Crystal Universe, the understanding of which will immediately change your life and the way you look at the world.

Get answers to EVERY question you have about crystals, energy, metaphysics, and spirituality.

($297 value)

Module 3: Energy Mastery

Let the games begin! In this module, you will learn a wide variety of shamanic sensory techniques to finally open your third eye and EXPERIENCE crystal energy as a REAL force. In this module, you will deepen your connection to stones, learn to unmistakably FEEL their energy, develop laser-sharp intuition, and experience a new world of energy, frequency, and vibration. Rather than reading about stones in a book, you'll learn how to pick up a stone and have IT teach YOU.

You'll reach new dimensions in your meditations, learn powerful energy techniques, and begin to experience the WONDERS offered by the mineral kingdom.

($497 value)

Module 4: Bending Reality

You can collect all kinds of crystals for prosperity and manifestation and never experience abundance. So what's the missing key?

In this module, you will understand the "secret" behind The Secret and the Law of Attraction so that you can learn to bend reality and start seeing the seeming miraculous in your life. True power doesn't come from magic, it comes from understanding. Learn tried and true techniques that are accelerated with specific stones that teach you to connect to the reality-bending powers of your soul.

Magic is only magic to those that don't understand.

($497 value)

Module 5: Shamanic Explorer

If you want to experience new dimensions, this module is for you! Inside, we'll be learning shamanic techniques that show you how to Astral Travel, have Out of Body Experiences, go on powerful shamanic journeys, explore other realms, learn directly from the Crystal Beings, work with Spirit Animals, and a whole lot more.

You'll enter the angelic realms and the Planes of Light, and truly experience the WONDERS that crystals want to show us. But beyond the amazing visions, know that these experiences are teaching you the mechanics behind equally amazing healing abilities.

This module will take you on a journey throughout this world and beyond.

($497 value)

When you join this program, you get these bonuses for FREE

Personalized activation work ($2,497 value)

Throughout the program, you will be working one-on-one with Chris or other members of the group to handle any area of life in which you feel stuck. Whether it's health, wealth, or happiness - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual - we'll use transformational healing techniques to help you heal and release the things in your space giving rise to the undesired reality.

You will also have one-on-one support for handling any kind of blocks or resistance to developing your skills as a healer.

The transformational work you do in the group, you will later be able to do for your friends, family, or clients.


The Five Elements Healing Process: Attunement and training

The Five Elements (earth, fire, space, water, and air) are the 5 pillars of creation. By "charging" your soul with each of the elements through specific meditative practices, you begin a process of healing, purification, and awakening. As you work with each element, particular symptoms appear that show you are aligned with its energy and able to command on it to heal others.

All miracles occur through the five elements. They are the fabric of reality.

($197 value)


Shamanic Healing Community (pricless!)

This private community includes additional training with Chris, plus access to a whole community of healers. Be surrounded by a network of teachers, learners, and healers to support you on this journey. Give and receive healings, and get real-time feedback from other practitioners. When you join SCH, you get LIFETIME access.

Pricing Options

Registration in the SCH: Personal Mastery Program is currently closed. For options on working with Chris, please contact:

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