Are you ready to become a

Do you want to empower others in their spiritual and physical well-being? Learn an A-Z system for catalyzing transformation in the lives of those around you so that you can truly help those in need.

Are you ready to create abundance in your life by aligning with your soul's purpose? Learn everything you need to know to get started in the world of business, generate side income, or take things to the next level by building a THRIVING full-time, heart-centered business.

To become a confident, capable healer, you must:

  • Learn to heal the self: Experience a new world of health, wellness, passion, vitality, and power. By becoming YOUR highest self, you can help others do the same.
  • Awaken the 6th Sense: Deepen your connection to energies, feel them, see the energetic patterns in others, and know exactly how to help.
  • Master the healing process: Start with the basics, but go beyond them. Learn how to create lasting change and transformation in everyone you work with. Don't just balance chakras, address the REAL issues that are generating unbalance and dis-ease in the lives of your clients.
  • Understand business and marketing: Get paid for doing what you love! Understand everything you need to start a business, get word out, confidently explain what crystal healing is and why it's useful, generate consistent income, quit your 9 to 5 and, if you want, go full time.

What You Will Get When You Join

  • Shamanic Crystal Healer Certification and Apprenticeship Program ($1997 value)
  • Shamanic Crystal Healer Personal Mastery Program ($1,497 value)
  • SCH: Heart-Centered Entrepreneur ($1,997 value)

Certification Program Course Outline

Modules 1-5: The Personal Mastery Program

We're the ONLY certification program out there that begins with a life-changing journey of healing, awakening, and transformation. In Modules 1-5 of your training, you learn to heal yourself, awaken the 6th sense, and master the realm of crystal energies.  Work on the self and personal transformation is what frees you to truly be able to help others and sense what's happening in their bodies.

We have people brand new to crystals as well as certified crystal healers from other programs take our Personal Mastery Program to achieve an understanding and experience of energy not taught anywhere else.

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The Certification and Apprenticeship Program begins with Module 6. Enrollment in or completion of the Personal Mastery Program is a prerequisite of this part of the course.

Module 6: Shaman's Toolkit

Further develop both your physical and practical shamanic toolkit. Learn how to make a variety of shamanic tools that are attuned to you and your energetic style. This module starts with a brief history of shamanic practice, and then goes into making potent elixirs, powerful grids, wands, staves, and other healing devices.

Learn everything you want to know about being well-equipped for both shamanic healing and shamanic ceremony, and learn a variety of services you can provide beyond basic healings.

In this module, you'll also begin building your personal toolkit (if you haven't yet!). You'll learn exactly what you need in order to build a kit that matches your unique healing expression.

($297 value)

Module 7: Healer

Every module up to here has been preparing you for these lessons. This is a complete A-Z system for working with other people. By the end of this module you will know how to start a healing session, what to do during the session, you'll know exactly what stones are needed, and you'll know how to end the session. You'll know how to read energy in your client's body (in person or from a distance) and work with their highest self to bring about healing, awakening, and true transformation.

You'll also learn why the healing doesn't end once the session is over, and why your clients will want to continue to work with you or send you referrals for many years to come.

Included in this module is a complete "menu" of layouts and packages you can offer your clients to compliment a healing session and bring them the specific, real-world results they will be thanking you for.

($1497 value)

Module 8: Beyond Healing

In addition to powerful in-person and distance-healings, crystals can be used for a lot of other services including: home clearings, blessings, divination, and enhancing other practices or healing modalities.

Learn to perform other shamanic services and also how to combine crystal healing with Reiki, essential oils, massage therapy, and yoga. Develop a healing style that you LOVE that combines all of your talents into one holistic experience.

($497 value)

Module 9: Your Business Mindset

Not understanding the basics of crystal healing prevent you from reaching new levels. Similarly, not understanding the ESSENTIAL basics of your business mindset, including charging, pricing, reaching out, marketing, and selling will prevent you from experiencing abundance.

Get massive clarity from the start, overcome your fears and money blocks, and develop a mindset that naturally and easily leads you to lifelong abundance. Are you ready to build a thriving business doing what you love?

($497 value)

Module 10: Heart-Centered Business

It's time to take action! Learn everything you need to get started in the world of business and marketing. Learn how to get free advertising and a steady stream of clients, plus how to set up your business online, build a website, protect yourself legally, and utilize social media.

Learn how to easily develop a fun, steady side income or how to quit your job and go full time doing the work you love.

Your soul has a purpose for you in this life, align with that, and watch your business THRIVE.

($1497 value)

BONUS: Work with Chris 1-on-1 throughout your certification

VIP Coaching and Healing Work ($2,497 value)

Throughout the program, you will be working one-on-one with Chris to handle any area of life in which you feel stuck. Whether it's health, wealth, or happiness - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual - Chris will use transformational healing techniques to help you heal and release the things in your space giving rise to the undesired reality.

You will also have one-on-one support for handling any kind of blocks or resistance to developing your skills as a healer.

The transformational work you do with Chris, you will later be able to do for your clients.


Registration in the SCH Certification Program is currently closed. If you'd like options on beginning your journey into crystal healing, please contact:

[email protected]