Dream Builders Mastermind

A four day journey into Infinite Possibility that will awaken you to your limitless nature and allow you to step into a future of your own design.

January 02 - 05, Orlando, FL. Attend LIVE or virtually!

Are You Ready To Experience True Transformation?

When you look back at 2019, did you accomplish everything you wanted? Did you have a crystal clear vision of who you wanted to be and what you wanted to create? Or did the whole year just kind of pass you by?

Was 2019 the most epic year of your life, or was 2019 just like 2018, 2017, and 2016...

Looking at 2020, will this be another year of overthinking everything and playing it safe? Or will this be the year you live boldly, following the guidance of your soul?

Will this be a year of fear or of finally breaking free?

Will this be a year where you keep living from (and repeating) your circumstances or will this be the year you own your magic and embrace Infinite Possibility?

Will this be the year you declare that you're DONE waiting for "someday" because you know someday will never come? You know that NOW is the only moment you have, and NOW is the only moment that matters.

Imagine where your life would be if you ALREADY had everything you wanted. This is the path to freedom and power. A part of you knows that power is within you now, even this very moment, waiting to be unleashed.

And you're ready.

Remember Why You Are Here

You are here to bring your soul's deepest dreams into reality.

You are unique in all of Creation. You have unique thoughts, feelings, visions, and dreams. As such, there is an expression of Self that only YOU can add to the canvas of creation that is the Universe.

You already know you're not here to be stuck in a job you hate or to live a life that isn't of your own design. You are here to bring your soul's grandest visions and deepest dreams into reality. That's it! There can be no other reason.

With a new year (and a new decade!) upon us, it's time to step into your highest calling. It's time to embrace your limitless nature and do the things that once seemed impossible to the old you.

You're not that person anymore, Lightworker. You've grown, evolved, and are ready to fully step into your power.




Vision Quest

Master Mind

Multidimensional Meditation

Shamanic Power Quest

Ecstatic Dance

Advanced Manifestation

Experience Deep Healing And Rejuvenation

The simple truth about you is that you are the universe. You are Infinite Potential, Playfulness, and Possibility.

And any experience of self other than that of being limitless is simply something that needs to be healed.

During our Deep Healing sessions, you'll learn to let go of decades of old patterns, limiting beliefs, past hurts, and self-imposed limitations. The event will seamlessly weave in Sacred Yoga, Therapeutic Moving Meditations, Shamanic Breathwork sessions, Ecstatic Dance, and other practices designed to breathe life and freedom into every cell of your body and allow you to let go of everything that isn't your limitless nature.

It's not uncommon to feel like you've had 10 years of therapy after just one Deep Healing session.

Step Into New Realms Of Power

You are a Divine Being and your every thought creates reality, but if you're like most people, you haven't been using even 1% of the power hidden within you.

During our Divine Power sessions, you'll be going on Shamanic Power Quests that flood your body and mind with confidence, clarity, and bliss. Plus, you'll be exploring gentle ways of awakening Kundalini Shakti, the dormant power that lies hidden at the base of your spine. The rising of Kundalini is a hallmark on the spiritual path that ushers in a life of synchronicity, magic, and miracles.

Witness The Master Mind

The emergence of a true Master Mind is a spiritual phenomenon that will leave you speechless.

The Master Mind is a highly misunderstood concept. For most people, "masterminding" consists of a group of friends or allies brainstorming, offering perspectives, and pointing things out that you couldn't see yourself. They often involve hot seats, coaching, and accountability.

Now don't get me wrong, these kinds of hot seat "masterminds" can be extremely powerful and even life- or business-changing... they're just not true Master Minds.

The true Master Mind is based on the principle taught by Jesus that "when two or more are gathered... there I AM also." Popularlized by Napoloen Hill, it should be noted that the emergence of a true Master Mind is a DIVINE happening. Something emerges from the group intention that is so far beyond the limited human mind, it can only be called divine.

The goal of a true Master Mind is to gain access to the Mind of God.

If you could ask God / the Universe any question you want, what would you ask? What would benefit you?

During the Master Mind sessions, you'll have the opportunity to directly interface with the Mind of God and receive crystal-clear answers to any questions you want. (You'll also have the opportunity to do some traditional hot seat sessions if you want because those ARE super-useful.)

True Master Minds are incredibly powerful, and you'll leave these sessions having the answers you've sought your whole life.

Discover Unconditional Abundance And Finally Master Manifestation

Are you ready to really "get" manifestation? If you've ever had mixed results with positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, and other practices, that's because you've been stuck in Stage 1 of Manifestation.

What? There are different stages of manifestation?

Learn the Four Stages of Manifestation, recognize where you've been stuck, and learn how to step into the highest stage where you simply ask and receive.

You're about to...

  • Experience deep healing and rejuvenation
  • Discover why you're really here
  • Connect to your soul's deepest desires and get the tools you need to bring those desires into reality
  • Access new levels of power through Shamanic Power Quests
  • Master the Instant Manifestation Technique
  • Gain soul-level clarity and inspiration on Vision Quest
  • Break free of everything that's been holding you back
  • Breathe life and vitality into every cell of your body as you shed decades of emotional accumulation
  • Experience a true Master Mind
  • Get all the tools, training, and support you need to make this the best year of your life yet

The Venue

Rediscover yourself in this luxury oasis.

As you leave behind the hustle and bustle of your old life, be prepared to discover a world of turn-of-the-century charm. Reawaken your inner romantic, your deep dreamer, in a place where the spirit of Old Florida lives on.

4 days and 3 nights of classically inspired cuisine, artful dishes, and soul-level rejuvenation is the start to the New Year you deserve.

Your journey begins at 4pm on January 2nd and goes through 7pm on January 5th. Just a short distance from Orlando, the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida will provide the backdrop for transformation and indulgence of body, mind, and spirit.

The Cuisine

Indulge your senses. Whether you're a vegetarian or a lover of fresh seafood, the included meals will take you on a culinary adventure. The perfect beginning (and end) to a day of deep healing and dreambuilding.

Your Guide

If you're a spiritual seeker who has long suspected there's more to you, more to life, or more to the Universe - and you're ready to reach your full potential and experience the highest states of consciousness - then let Nagendra help you!

Nagendra is the founder of Mind Prana Academy, where he combines ancient wisdom with modern science, sacred yoga, and transformational heart psychology. 

Since its inception, Mind Prana has helped thousands of students from around the world create lives of more alignment, intuition, and magic.

As you're about to discover, happiness is a default state for human beings (and a prerequisite for miracles). You're not only hard-wired for happiness, you have within you the possibility of an ecstatic life. For over 20 years, Nagendra has sought out, lived with, and apprenticed with mystics, shamans, medicine men, yogis, gurus, healers, and saints. He has distilled the wisdom of the world's most powerful spiritual traditions into easy to understand lessons that transform lives and give instant results in health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality.

The Bonuses

Get access to over $2,000 in bonuses!

The Event Is Only The Beginning!

Many transformational events end and then send you back to "the real world." Not this one. The event is only the beginning of the new year and the new you.

Once the event ends, you'll have three full months of coaching, training, and support in integrating the shifts that took place into your daily life. As you go through the Dream Builder Online Coaching And Training Program, you'll learn to master manifestation and reality as you start bringing your biggest dreams to life.

Dream Builder Online seamlessly weaves the mystical with the practical, the Law of Attraction with high performance, and heart psychology with ancient yogic technology, allowing you to live a life of bliss where anything is possible.

Available separately for $497.

Be Happy Now

Are you ready to be wildly happy NOW? In order to prepare you for the Dream Builder training, Sarah Tezich will be leading a 6-week course on "Using the Law of Attraction to Cure Stress and Anxiety."

She brings over a decade of experience as a licensed therapist who specializes in helping her clients end stress and anxiety for good so that they can lead happy lives.

This program transcends classical therapy and teaches you how to quickly release decades of old mental and emotional patterns. A typical 1-on-1 session with Sarah is $300, and you'll be working with her daily for over 6 weeks!

The program starts in November, just in time for the holidays! Learn to be the happiest you've ever been.

$1800+ value.

For Thousands of Years...

The most guarded secrets of spirituality were passed down from teacher to student in what came to be known as Mystery Schools.

Mystery Schools were responsible for safeguarding the keys to enlightened living and the highest states of consciousness.

Knowledge of various mysteries could free you from past karmas, grant you supernormal powers, or open up new dimensions of reality.

To become a Mystery School Initiate meant freedom from the smaller self and the beginning of a new life.


• Initiation into the UNBOUND Multidimensional Meditation

• The Initiate's Path - a collection of sacred teachings and exercises for becoming your highest self

• The Inner Vision Quest Experience - a deep-dive into radical self-acceptance and soul-level alignment

• Lifetime access to the training

• Powerful full-moon and new-moon processes for living a life of magic

Available separately for $497.

The Digital Replays

Re-experience the magic of the Live event whenever you want with the Digital Replays. When you register, all of the recorded sessions will be available to come back to as much as you want.

When you go through it again, you'll catch things you couldn't hear the first time.

Not available separately.

It's Time To Decide: Will You Make This The Best Year Of Your Life Yet And Become A Dream Builder?

Most people don't want 2020 to be a repeat of 2019. You can't afford to keep allowing circumstances to dictate your life. It's time. Own your power. Live your calling. And start bringing your dreams to life.

Ready to get started? Request an event invitation at the link below.


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