Learn everything you need to know about working with crystals

Do you feel like there's more that you're here to do? 

Our Certified Crystal Healer program will teach you how to step into your highest calling, connect deeply with crystals, and learn how to use their energy to truly make a difference in people's lives.

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"Since joining this program, I have so much more confidence and pride in my gifts and abilities. I am not afraid to be who I am, and talk about what i do with the fear of being looked at like I'm "crazy". I have been having more channeling experiences and have been getting more visions, information about past lives, my soul mission, and the signs and synchronicities have been astounding. This program has helped me to take definite steps towards my soul purpose and brought me to a new level as a healer. Much appreciation and gratitude!"

Nicole Giesbrecht
Certified Crystal Healer

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a deep attraction to the beauty and power of crystals
  • You want to spend more time being of service to others and making a difference in the lives of the people around you
  • You've learned about crystals from books and YouTube but feel like there's a depth and dimension to stonework you haven't accessed yet
  • You're ready to live a more spiritual and abundant life
  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded friends who are serious about their spiritual growth and want to raise the vibration of their families, their communities, and the world


The transformational crystal healing program that will...

  • Give you a new sense of personal power
  • Bring about healing and new levels of freedom in your life
  • Align you with your purpose and your highest calling
  • Help you develop your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • Allow you to become super-confident with crystals
  • Teach you new  techniques for healing and helping others
  • Show you how to learn the properties of stones without the books
  • Support you with a network of soul-centered healers

The Certified Crystal Healer Course

Mind Prana's Certified Crystal Healer Course is a 5-module online training program that is currently OPEN for enrollment. 

Become a monthly member, or sign up for lifetime access, either way, you can complete the program in 5-weeks or work through the material and take the lessons at whatever pace works best for you.

Our CCH program blends ancient wisdom with modern transformational psychology and science. This program will awaken a new confidence and power within you that will change your life, as well as the lives of those you serve.

This isn't a theoretical course, it's an experiential course. As such, our focus in on true transformation using crystals combined with brain-based psychology and science.

Program Outline

There are two parts to the training: healing the self and healing others. "If you want to heal all of the world, first heal all of yourself."

So in addition to the main lessons focused on the healing of others, there is a complimentary program focused on raising and maintaining a high vibration in day-to-day life, letting go of fears and pains from the past, connecting to your life vision and purpose, and consciously creating the life that you're here to live. Doing this work allows you to be of greater service to others!

"This training has affected all areas of my life. I am just naturally happy now without trying, and I find myself sitting and smiling for no apparent reason! I keep having moments of pure bliss at the most unexpected times. I love it! The exercises have been life changing. I'm open all the time, and the transformation just keeps coming!

I have been able to bring the training into all healing sessions, even ones without crystals. My Reiki sessions have become more flowing and intuitive and even in reflexology the approach has improved my work and my clients' response to the treatment. I'm able to be totally intuitive, pictures of crystals now pop up in my head and I instantly know that's what I need to use. I'm also surprised at how good I feel after a healing session and not at all drained! I no longer question myself, and I know I am becoming the healer that I'm meant to be. "

Louise Roberts
Reiki Master and Reflexologist

The CCH Sessions

Module 1: The basics of psychoshamanic crystal healing therapy.

Module 2: Crystal clear intuition, must-have stones and essential techniques for all healing sessions. Advanced shamanic stonework and how opening the grounding channels is the key to true healing and lasting change.

Module 3: The chakras and beyond - accessing the healing power of the Higher Self and working with the 3 Centers of Being for soul-level healing and manifestation.

Module 4: Advanced Higher Self Healing work and performing a complete healing session from start to finish plus creating a transformational sacred space.

Module 5: Completing your crystal healing toolkit, ongoing and post-session transformation, making a life-changing difference, and becoming a professional crystal healer.

Before you begin...

Get instant access to our foundational training programs (over $200 value!)

In Understand Crystals, you will learn:

What is crystal energy, how and why crystals work, how and why to cleanse your crystals, , simple exercises for learning how to FEEL crystal energy, how to meditate with stones, which stones to buy (and where!), using crystals in your daily life,

AND... a whole lot more!


In Mastering Crystals, you will: 

Gain a deep understanding of the shamanic healing process, use crystals to return to a child-like state that allows you to experience deep and lasting joy, blast through everything holding you back in life, experience soul-level healing, supercharge your grounding abilities, go deeper in your meditations with stones than you've ever gone before, feel your energy body, learn the crucial first step in healing absolutely anything, develop a healer's aura that other people can FEEL, and perform powerful distance healings for anyone in your life

BONUS: Live crystal gridding sessions ($197 value)

Get instant access to 3 live gridding sessions focusing on emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual awakening, plus the accompanying Q&A coaching calls.

I'm ready for this!

"You don't know how much this course has helped me! Acceptance and letting go of past trauma, no more pain or upset when I think or talk about things I've been through, knowing that I am in control of my life, and the amount of love and gratitude for everything that just radiates from me now. I have become very mindful, and I appreciate and love my life more than ever!!!

I have also had amazing results with my Reiki incorporating Crystals. My Reiki master even commented that he was very impressed to see how happy and radiant I have become and how the light from me is even brighter.

I am confident and express myself more clearly, and now my friends and family want to know my secret! Thank you for this course, I can't recommend it enough!"

Michelle Duggan
Reiki and Crystal Healer

UPGRADE: Shamanic Stonework - Monthly Masterclasses For Your Spiritual Evolution

Within every crystal is a world of wisdom, but most people only scratch the surface of what's possible with stones. Each month, you'll do a deep-dive into a new high-vibration healing crystal, learning new ways of working with our crystal allies to heal yourself, heal others, and fully activate your spiritual gifts.

There are over 15 previous classes you'll have access to when you join, and you can take whichever ones call to you.

Some of the new and upcoming classes include:

  • Creating prosperity, wealth, and abundance with Peridot
  • Harnessing the Storm: Causing transformation and miracles with Fulgurite
  • Becoming the Magician: Archetypal Stonework With Lapis Lazuli

Never be left wondering what to do with your crystals or how to use them to change your life. Each month, you will get new exercises, explorations, and meditations to help you become a Master Crystal Healer.

Are you ready to become a Certified Crystal Healer?

Get lifetime access to the full trainings and start making the difference you're here to make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CCH program can be completed in as little as 30 days, but you can go at whatever pace works for you.

Yes! As soon as you complete the certification requirements, you will be awarded a CCH diploma. You can get your diploma instantly as a high-resolution printable image file in either 9.5x11 or A4 dimensions.


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