How do you make the impossible possible?


Understand the simple truth behind all spiritual practices and learn how to make the impossible possible.

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The Ultimate Form of Mindfulness


Elon Musk recently said there’s a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in some kind of simulated reality. In other words, he’s almost certain that you and I are reading this article within a universe created by an incredibly advanced artificial intelligence.

Now, I’m not here to debate whether or not we’re living in The Matrix. Physicists and philosophers have been debating some form of that question for a very long time. The ancients said, “All is maya.” Everything is an illusion. When Mr. Musk made his comment, he was really restating something that mystics have been saying for thousands of years.

Science and spirituality are beginning to collide.

Now, rather than debating the “truth” of the idea that we’re living in a virtual world, which by the way, no one seems to be able to prove or disprove, what happens when we “try on” the idea that everything is not as it seems?

That’s what...

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Free Chakra Reading with Chris von der Mehden


I'm pleased to be offering free chakra readings online for a limited time. Uncannily accurate. These are going fast, act now. No registration required. Simply play the video when you feel the time is right.

The time is right.


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How to survive Mercury Retrograde


My life used to be ruled by things like the phases of the moon, the planets, the day of the week, and other random events that I gave importance to. Whenever Mercury would go retrograde, I'd go, "Ah crap, I guess I'll be hiding in my basement for the next six weeks." But eventually, I realized there was a power even beyond the planets, and that when I aligned my life with that power, I was able to free myself from everything happening "out there."

Learn how to free yourself from planetary influences in this video:


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Can one spiritual practice solve all your problems?


If you’re like me, some days it feels like you’ve just got way too many problems to handle. Perhaps more than any one person should have to handle by themself. A few days ago, I was in that boat. My problems ranged from the intricacies of relationships to finances, even to health. Some were small problems, easily solved, others, impossible ones. Anyways, fast forward a few days, and now, I’m sitting by the ocean out in Laguna Beach, CA and all my problems are gone.

No, this isn’t magic, and it’s nothing you can buy, it’s a simple spiritual practice.

If you’re familiar with my story, then you know I’m always trying to simplify the spiritual path. How can we distill complicated, esoteric teachings and turn them into effortless truths that immediately impact our lives?

Well, I was just reading some Advaita Zen from Mooji's "White Fire" this morning, listening to the ocean, and came across this little quote that inspired me so much I had...

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