Meet Chris

Chris von der Mehden is the founder of Mind Prana Academy and the creator of Zero to Zen, a program that demystifies meditation and allows you to experience all of its benefits from Day 1. Zero to Zen teaches you how to drop into the “still mind” space previously believed available only to experienced Zen monks.

Work with Chris

Meditation is supposed to be easy?

Did you know that it's possible to study meditation, read various books on the subject, then sit down and still have no idea what to do?! This is actually pretty common, and it's the place Chris approached meditation from for years.

Despite studying with some of the greatest teachers on the planet, meditating for HOURS a day, and having all kinds of amazing experiences, it wasn't until he discovered the power of gratitude that meditation finally began to make sense. A few simple shifts and suddenly meditation was easy, effortless, and fun.

Chris's training transcends standard meditation practices and takes you straight to a life-changing encounter with the Now.

About Mind Prana

How long does it take to awaken?

How many stories have you read about a wise teacher that spent a lifetime devoted to spiritual practice? And then finally, one day it clicked. They got it. And it changed everything.

We all crave that moment of awakening. That instant of insight. But what is sometimes missed is how long does it take to get there? If you study the story carefully, you realize an astounding truth: it only took a single moment.

The mission of Mind Prana Academy is to equip you with the world's most powerful tools of awakening.

Armed with graduate degrees in engineering and over 18 years studying obscure spiritual traditions around the world, Chris has been reverse-engineering the spiritual path, allowing anyone to experience the states of consciousness that once required years of training and discipline.


Are you ready for a wild ride?

How many people talk about meditation that way?! Join Chris on a 5-day journey of awakening that has left lifetime meditators asking, "Have I ever really meditated before this?" If you're ready to experience ALL the benefits of meditation, click the button and get signed up.