Reawaken Your Abundant Self

A FREE 8-part video training series that teaches you how to reawaken your Abundant Self and start living a life of magic.

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"There was so much to take away, I went through it twice! Lessons 1 & 2 were huge wake up calls. I was familiar with these concepts, but the way Chris presented it, it all finally clicked. I highly recommend this course."

Annette B.
Nebraska, USA

What You're About To Get

This course includes various exercises, abundance explorations, and a powerful guided meditation.

  • Lesson 1: Ending Your Resistance To Abundance
  • Lesson 2: The Secret To Setting Powerful Intentions
  • Lesson 3: Reawakening Your Abundant Self
  • Lesson 4: How To Manifest BIG Things
  • Lesson 5: Winning The Lottery
  • Lesson 6: How Much Money Will You Allow In?
  • Lesson 7: Co-creating With The Universe
  • Bonus: The Millionaire Meditation
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"What an amazing free training. Thank you Chris, you have helped me more than you'll ever know. This course has pulled me out of the darkness and kickstarted a new way of life."

Stephen O.
Leicester, UK

"I love how simple and powerful the meditation is! I felt a profound shift. I've been somewhat neutral towards money lately but I felt this surge of endless possibility with this meditation! I'm surprised how much I've been blocking abundance from my life without me being conscious of it."

Kamil I.
Vancouver, Canada

"I had some real 'wow' moments with things just making more sense. I really liked the exploration downloads too, simple questions that gave what could be life changing answers! I'm really glad I did this, I found it very valuable!"

Louise R.
Norwich, UK

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