(Simple Shortcuts for Going From Zero to Zen)

Not all meditations give the same results

Meditation isn't supposed to be hard, or frustrating. Are you ready to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life and experience the presence, calm, creativity, and ZEN that is your true nature? It doesn't take years of practice, it takes minutes.

In this new free video training series, you will learn a set of simple practices and shortcuts that will allow you to experience all the benefits of meditation in minutes a day.

Find out why even 20-year meditators are saying, "This is unlike anything I've ever experienced!"


Secrets for enjoying life

While most meditations are viewed as "disciplines," you're about to discover why the foundation of true meditation is the art of enjoyment.

Learn how to fall in love with your meditation practice and use it to increase your enjoyment in every area of life.

Secrets for making it easy

There are many ways to meditate, and most of them require a lot of time and effort to master.

But aren't you capable of quieting your mind for HOURS on end when you watch a movie? Learn how to tap in to your built-in skills of mental mastery and experience a profound peace from Day 1.

Secrets for transformation

Lots of people use meditation as an escape, but you'll soon learn how to carry your breakthroughs in meditation "off the mat" and out into the world.

Expand your power, presence, and playfulness, experience enhanced creativity and intuition, deepen your intimacy in relationships, and learn what it means to live meditatively.

What people are saying...

"After only a few minutes, I felt completely relaxed, and then an abundance of love and joy came over me. I've got so much happiness in my heart now. I can't stop smiling where before I was tired and stressing. Can't stop laughing too! Thank you, I really needed this!"

Kimberley M.

"I went for 15 minutes and was completely relaxed. All the negativity I've been holding on to disappeared, and I'm in this place of joy and happiness again. I can't believe how fast this is!"

Christopher P.

"These are such powerful meditations. I love how quickly they take you to very deep places, and always leave you feeling amazing in a matter of minutes."

Patricia W.

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