Unlock the Full Power of Meditation

Learn an incredibly simple yet powerful form of meditation that triggers amazing spiritual experiences while eliminating stress and anxiety from your life.

What You Will Learn

Meditation doesn't have to be hard. Find out what's been missing from other approaches.


While most meditations are viewed as "disciplines," one of the foundations of the Genesis technique is the art of enjoyment. Learn how to fall in love with your meditation practice and use it to increase your enjoyment in every area of life.

Life Force

Also known as Prana, Genesis shows you how to channel endless amounts of this spiritual energy into your body. Many people find that this was the missing "key" to their practice, and it's what allows beginners to have amazing experiences from Day 1.

Spiritual Experience

The Genesis technique allows you to have profound spiritual experiences. It's common to experience blocks releasing, spontaneous healing, the heart opening, energy moving in your body, and breath-taking visions... all during your first week of meditation.

Discover the "missing key" to meditation.

Genesis quiets the mind, awakens the heart, and delivers amazing spiritual experiences. Find out why lifetime meditators are saying, "I've never experienced anything like this."

"Meditation has never been easier."

There are many paths and ways to meditate, and most of them require a lot of time and effort to master. With Genesis, you learn that, in fact, there is nothing easier than meditation. In addition to enjoyment, effortlessness is one of the foundations of Genesis.

"I feel so calm and relaxed."

Genesis restores the body's natural emotional flow. This process clears out old, heavy emotions, purifies the mind, and leaves you feeling wonderful.

"I love how everything has become vibrant and clear."

Many people report a great "veil" lifting from their eyes after practicing Genesis. This refers to an increase in observation and presence, as well as the development of multi-sensory awareness, traditionally referred to as the "opening of the 3rd eye."

"I felt an overwhelming joy, then relief, then I started crying and laughing."

Life and the universe are so much more glorious than what you may be currently imagining. Genesis allows you to enter a deeply healing, transformative state of consciousness that returns you to a place of childlike innocence and joy.

“This is such a powerful meditation. I love how quickly it takes you to very deep places, and always leaves you feeling amazing in a matter of minutes.”
— Patricia W.


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